WiFe Antenna 2016

Terms and conditions, or sometimes called terms of use or even terms and services, is the new "door of perception". It is the new “legal” way of living, therefore the new way of existing, both as individuals, as a community and finally as an institutionalised society. humanity now depends on the Information technology. We are all dependent on and continually accepting virtual contracts that irreversibly constrain our new way of communicating, of inform, knowing, working, expressing and even falling in love. More and more only through private Informational technological tools like the Social Networks that bind our relationships and our vision of the future. At this point the question is obvious, who decides what? in a society that increasingly tends to have a "virtual existence"... Both as a personal identity and as a legal, political, social and economic identity? it puts the concept of the existence itself in crisis, which will depend more and more on those who will express it better; or by all those who will have a more facilitated access to technology, which invests in technology for their personal benefit.

So the question is intimately correlated to a power relationship, who has the stronger legal power in a world where the Internet giants are richer economically than real governments that establish real laws? if real governments need to express their power by attacking and judging virtual entities that works with rules that do not correspond to real rules that we collective agree on?!

It becomes paradoxical that citizens will not be able to access anymore to the freedom given by Information technology, if you do not agree to lose your real legal freedoms! This a big problem created by the privatisation of the internet where there is not control anymore. This regard to the fast effectiveness of the internet giant against the inefficiency and bureaucratic slowness of the real law, which are determined by local and global political deals…
We all agree of this contracts without even read what is about. And most of them are illegal! or better “not yet reviewed”… By doing this we have already changed and revise the concept of privacy, that has been less and less private and personal and more as a commodity value or a currency in order to interact with the system itself. All this we do for free, we are running one of the biggest contemporary economic machine just giving away our free information, or better our legal freedom… It’s insane!

Our politics is always been dictated by who is more economically powerful. Consequently in a world that has more virtual power! or rather to what has more virtual space, has more real power. Ultimately, internet giants are already able to set the rules and determine their own interests through laws they create and invent; and that make the terms and conditions the place with which they interact with the real world, therefore with us.

Through my project WiFe Antenna I made a fake contract expressed in the forms of Terms and Conditions, that it’s written but suppose to “not be readable”, because the paper itself is a real marriage contract. If you accepted automatically you will legally becoming my wife, with all my conditions written on it… So I went towards public spaces spreading my Wi-Fi signal made by my WiFe Antenna, if you freely connect to my wifi you automatically enter in my territory that is based on my personal legislation based on my personal advantages and interest!