Unbreakable Glass project 2017

I got this idea in mind after cutting myself with a piece of glass that I broke in the sink.

At first stage my idea was to strengthen the glass with a metal wire and put inside the glass during the blowing process. But then we decided to use the fiberglass mesh that is made with the same material an it make the glass 100% recyclable.
My goal is to reinforce the glass and make it last as long as possible, as already happens with window panes. By doing this we will improve the quality of the object which will become strong and will be prevented from breaking during accidental falls and bumps. As we know when a glass falls it breaks into hundreds of pieces, that could be dangerous to pick up and have the little pieces all around the house even few days later. People could hurt and cut themselves, and children can eat the small pieces that’s is around the house; and if you’ll step over could scratch the wooden floor (parquet).
These techniques of the reinforced glass can be applied also for the bottle or plates etc… the wire is used in a functional and structural way but also as a decoration, can be in metal texture, or with different colours. I think it’s a great idea because is simple as a concept, because the problem of the glass is his fragility, instead of metal wire we can use a “glass fibre wires” to be recyclable (in Italy the metal and the glass is in the same recycle system).
The aesthetics could be improved, I chose to leave the shape as simple as possible (just for show the idea). The glass can be blow also from inside, in that way the glass “pass through the holes of the wires”, making a nice pattern and strong connection with the metal structure around. Can be engineered in many different way: from how we put the structure inside the glass, until how we blow the glass (from inside or from outside) from using the mould or free shaping, even the shape of the metal wire could be in square, rhombus, in chains, random figures, etc…