Recycled webcam 2016

Recycled webcam is a project made with the recycled components of an old computer. When we throw a PC because it does not work, actually there are many components inside that can be recycled.
I started with the reuse of the Webcam, with the aim of creating the “cheapest digital camera in the world”. I disassemble the monitor of an old computer that has the camera attached to the back space, then I connected it to a Raspberry PI and a PowerBank and it’s surprisingly started to work.
Then I made the body shaping the cardboard with the laser-cut, and then I am delighted to take some photographs between Belgium Italy and Holland.
The photos are automatically uploaded online via a wifi stick, and the whole project is OpenSource and the codes are openly shared (the links are at the bottom of the page) so that everyone can simply design this digital camera.

These are some of the digital photos taken with the Recycled webcam, the total cost of the whole object is only 23.56 euros.
The most expensive components was the new microcontroller Raspberry PI and the Powerbank. Ther rest: cardboard, screw, elastic, wires, switches, recycled electronic etc...I got for free.
Maybe will be even cheapest digital cameras available in the market or in the “secondhand stores”, but still, the aim of this project was to raise the awerness of reconsider the quality of the eletronic waste; And reconsider our behavior/relation taward the object that we use, consume and throw.

Build your own personal recyclabe digital webcam and share your project and pictures ︎ here, The best results will be published on this page!

Installing Raspberry operating system imaging on Linux:

For install Internet and fix the WiFI Key follow this link:

For connect Raspberry through Drobox follow this 2 link:

For make a picture follow this link:

For make video use openCv Phyton library and follow this 2 link:


For the format video use FFMPEG video extensions:

For install buttons follow this link:

For running the scripts use Supervisor and follow this link: